Laravel Headless eCommerce for Personalised Experience

Carmella Blick

Headless eCommerce is not a future, it’s now. Yes, you heard it right!
It is gradually increasing in popularity due to its flexibility. It is beneficial for both, the store owner and the customer which includes personalized experience, faster loading and a lot.

Headless Commerce simply decouples the front-end from the backend. The front-end is responsible for the user experience and the back-end is responsible for all the features and functionalities of the application. The decoupling helps developers to make changes in the back-end without affecting the front-end (user experience).

Features of Headless eCommerce

Flexible & Customizable

It can effortlessly manage the content and deliver it to any channel. The developers can create UX from start without any limitations. With the traditional platforms, it was unachievable.

API Delivered Commerce

There is no presentation layer in headless commerce. Also, data is available on every device. Laravel, Bagisto uses REST APIs and GraphQL are used.

Highly futuristic

All modules are independent, the developer can implement the new solution at a faster pace, Headless Laravel eCommerce also supports newer technologies so that the innovation always drives up.